Hanging Indent Google Docs Creation in Different Gadgets

Different gadgets available to use with latest technology, here we deliberate how to hanging indent google docs using simple steps for different live methods, let’s have a look and choose one as per your gadget convenience.

How to do Hanging Indent on Google Docs

You can create hanging indents on google docs in 3 methods and which are listed below:

  1. Creating a hanging indent by using the ruler
  2. Create a hanging indent by using the indentation option dialog box
  3. Creating a hanging indent by using keyboard shortcuts

Google Docs Hanging Indent using Ruler

  1. Select a paragraph you want to do the indent in google document.
  2. If you are indenting one paragraph, simply click on it.
  3. On the ruler, you simply drag the marker (blue triangle showing down) if you want to indent place all lines except the first line
  4. Click and drag the first line indent marker ( the rectangle ) to left side (generally to the margin ) this effects only the first line of margin

Hanging Indent on Google Docs using indentation Option Dialog Box

  1. Select the paragraph if you want indenting in google docs document
  2. If you are changing only one paragraph and click on it
  3. Select the format option in the menu
  4. You select align and indent option and after that you tap on the indentation options. Then a dialog box displays
  5. Under the special indent , click on the drop–down menu and select hanging
  6. Enter the indent amount in inches (or based on the your google default account language  you are using measurement system ) in the box beside hanging
  7. Click on the apply

Use a Hanging Indent for Google Docs by Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also create a hanging indent in google docs using a keyboard short cut.

  1. Put the cursor where you want to create the hanging indent ( the end of the first line).
  2. Press Ctrl+T to apply a hanging indent of a paragraph.
  3. This short cut key moves all lines to the next tab stop except first line.
  4. If you hold pressing Ctrl+T, word will hold indenting through tab stop to the right.
  5. Press Ctrl+Shift+T to decrease or delete the indent (move to the left)

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How to do a Hanging Indent on Google Docs in iPhone

Create a hanging indent in google Docs on an iPhone below fallowing the simple steps

  1. First you have to check google Docs app in your iPhone.
  2. If you have the app open that and you want to create a new document hanging indent
  3. Click on the pencil icon in the place of bottom -right corner of your screen to start modifying the document. You can also double click anywhere on screen.
  4. After that,  in the document where you want to have the hanging indent, just click on that area and also you conform your cursor on the place.
  5. Add your citation to the document
  6. Highlight the citation
  7. Click on the A in the top of right corner of the app
  8. Once the option displays , click on the paragraph option
  9. Enter the line spacing 1.5 and you are doing this for a citation, click on the arrow until reads 2.0. Then this will be double space on your citation.

This is most important for many academic formats. You can also view the following steps for how to create double – spacing in google Docs from an iPad.

How to Create Double Spacing in Google Docs on iPad

  1. Click on the center of your screen for exiting above option
  2. Then, tap after the last letter within the first line of your citation. Press the return button in your keyboard. This is automatically placing your cursor front of the second line in your citation
  3. Once again click on the A in the corner of your screen.
  4. With in paragraph options, click on the right indent button. The right indent button is also displaying directly on the main screen.

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How to Make a Hanging Indent on Google Docs in Android Phone

You fallow the given steps to create hanging indents in google Docs on Android Phone.

  1. First download the Google Docs App in your Android Phone
  2. Create a new document or  if you have already open document you can continue
  3. Select on the “Edit” (pencil) icon on the bottom right corner on the screen
  4. Tap and hold the paragraph and doing this will highlight the text if you want to highlight text of line
  5. Next click on the format icon (letter A). This will open the text formatting option
  6. Click  on the paragraph option
  7. After that , you will select “Left indentation “ or “Right indentation option”
  8. Tap again if you want to change the indentation more to the left or right on your paragraph. As per your settings, your paragraph or text of the line should be indent

How do you indent the second line of a Citation in Google Docs

  1. Decide where you want to create hanging indent
  2. Select that work place area
  3. Click on the Format option in the top Menu.
  4. Now select “Align and indent“  in the drop down
  5. click on the indentation option.
  6. click on the below special indent and select hanging option on the diaglogue box.
  7. Finally click on the “Apply“ button

Alternate Method for Making Hanging Indent Google Docs

There are only three Methods for making Hanging indents in Google Docs that we discussed already in our article as above. So just follow the methods carefully and make your hanging indent based on your choice.