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  2. It should be written by an expert in the subject, and it should be original and not PUBLISHED / REPUBLISHED / REPRINT anywhere, at any time.
  3. Break up your text with headings, subheadings, bullets, and other elements to draw the user’s attention.
  4. Content that is defamatory or abusive is strictly forbidden.
  5. Guest posts must be at least 1200 words long and related to our niche.
  6. Images should be of high quality and no more than 50KB in size.
  7. All content must strictly adhere to Google Webmasters and Adsense Policies, as well as our Terms and Conditions.
  8. If any violations are discovered after the content has been published, the guest post may be withdrawn from our website without prior/post notification.
  9. Content must be relevant to our niche.
  10. Only one external link is permitted from the article.
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  12. Affiliate links are not permitted in submitted Guest Posts.
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  14. Authors with a high social profile (at least on Facebook and Twitter) will be allowed to guest post.

Our editorial team will analyze, censor, and publish the submitted articles, and if they fulfill the aforementioned standards, the produced content will be published.