Find My Phone Samsung to Locate Lost Samsung Mobile

Don’t be tensed if you lost your Samsung phone, Find My Mobile is the best service to find my phone samsung and secure your phone. Learn what is Samsung Find My Mobile, How to activate it and guide to use it followed by How to use Google Find my device…

Samsung provides best security services among other android mobiles. Samsung is the top choice because it is suitable with the google’s security services and make your data be private and you can handle it easily from anywhere.

If you lost your Samsung phone somewhere or you forgot the place where you use it last time, then don’t be tensed. Samsung provides a best in-built feature called Find My Device which helps you to locate and secure your phone. Now let us learn deeply about Find My Device service on Samsung mobile.

Find My Phone Samsung

Find My Phone Samsung

Find My Mobile is one of the best feature providing by Samsung to find your missed phone. It is completely free of cost to use. You can handle it through web browser to find your phone.

There are lot of options available in Find My Mobile service. Let’s have a look on it:

  • Remotely locate your phone’s location and Update live location in every 15 minutes
  • Shows last location if it switched off
  • Remote unlock
    • your unlock password security settings will be saved to Samsung and used when you forgot password. Also you can control lost phone, even it is locked.
  • You can Ring phone in higher volume to find it
  • Erase all data on your phone
  • You can Backup your data to Samsung Cloud
  • Able to Lock your screen and disable the power button to prevent powering the mobile off
  • You can show your contact number on the screen of mobile

But to use this services when your phone lost or stolen, you have to enable Find My Mobile feature on your Samsung phone and link to your account.

How to Activate Find My Phone Samsung

You definitely need to have register with Samsung account on your phone to enable Find My Mobile Service. This features works all time when you are in online or offline too. So just follow these simple steps to enable this feature :

  1. Go to settings of your Samsung Phone
  2. Scroll down and choose Biometrics and Security option
  3. Click on Find My Mobile option
  4. Toggle on the Find My Mobile Feature
  5. Enable all the remaining services shown like Remote unlock, Send Last Location and Offline finding for more security purpose.

You unable to perform this process if you not created samsung account before on your phone. So it will ask you to set up a account first then you will able to perform this above process.

Find My Mobile Samsung

To use this service, you have to enable Find My Mobile before. Once it was enabled, then you have to just follow this simple steps to use it :

  1. Open your Web browser in your Mobile or PC
  2. Go to Find My Mobile Web page or just go through this link
  3. Click on Sign In option
  4. Enter your registered Email Id or Phone number and click on Next
  5. You can find list of connected Samsung devices and choose the one for which you have to locate

Locate through Remote live Location

After successful login to Find My Mobile and after selecting your Samsung device, it will shows the live location of your mobile if it turned on and connected to any network. But live location is updated for every 15 minutes. It will not show perfect and accurate live location continuously.

So to find perfect location use other features providing by Find My Mobile, There you will also find extra details as your phone’s battery percentage, network status for which it is connected and so on.

Ring the Phone to Higher Volume

After you reaching the phone’s location and again facing difficulty to find accurate position of your phone just use the feature of Ringing the phone. Now you can continuously ring the with the higher volume to track it down even your phone in silent or vibrate mode. To do this just follow this two steps :

  1. Select Ring option from menu present at right side
  2. Click on the Start option to start ringing for one minute at higher volume
  3. You can repeat this process for continuously for finding phone.

Disable Power Button and Lock the Screen

In case you feel that your phone may be stolen, then just use this excellent feature to lock your phone and you able to disable power button to prevent powering it off.

Also you can show a message notification on lost phone and can provide your phone number to contact the person who got your phone, so follow this steps to lock your phone

  1. Select the Lock option from the menu
  2. There will two options shown Lock Screen and Lock Power Off
  3. Click on Retry
  4. Set a PIN to unlock by entering new PIN and confirm it
  5. Provide your mobile number to show on lost phone’s screen
  6. Click on Lock to lock the phone

Now no one able to power off your Mobile and it will be unlocked only if you enter the PIN that you set at the time of locking process.

How to Find my Samsung phone when it’s in offline

If your phone does not connect to any network or any one who stolen it removed SIM card, then you unable to use any feature like ring, backup, erase except Tracking location. Because Samsung Find my Mobile providing Offline Finding feature to locate your phone.

If your phone is in offline more than 30 minutes, then based on ultra wide band technology and the signal comes from phone tracked by Samsung servers and you will be notified offline location. But it is not possible to track offline finding if your phone is switched off.

How to Backup Data to Samsung Cloud

If you think that you never get your phone back or for the safety purpose of your phone’s data you can erase it from that Samsung phone by using Find My Mobile feature.

But before erasing backup all the data to Samsung Cloud to store and use it with other mobile. So just check the simple process to Backup data to Samsung Cloud.

  1. Click on Back up option from the menu present at the right side of the screen.
  2. Select your preferred apps and data of your phone that you want to back up
  3. Click on Back up
  4. Tap on the I agree option and them on Back up to complete the Back up process

You will get the notifications once the each data get Back up to Samsung cloud. But you can perform the Back up process if and only if your phone connected to any network. Otherwise Back up of your data is not possible.

How to Erase all the Data of your Samsung Find My Mobile

So after backing up all the data, just you have to do is, Erasing the data from the phone to avoid others who have stolen your phone to not use it viciously. So follow this simple steps to Erase the the data from the Samsung phone.

  1. Click on the option Erase Data from Menu panel
  2. You have to perform two step Verification by entering verification code sends to your phone.
  3. You can also read that code from other phone from which you signed into your Samsung account
  4. Or you can also use the option Verify with Back up code present at bottom of the screen
  5. Enter the Back up code and click on verify
  6. Tap on Erase data again and confirm the pop up to perform Factory Reset
  7. Finally click on Erase to complete the process pf erasing data.

Other Ways to Find your lost Samsung Mobile

Samsung provides built-in feature to locate your lost phone. But there are lot of other ways to find your lost phone. One of the most widely used app is Google Find My Device. With this you can locate any android phone and track it. Also there are lot of third party apps and mobile trackers available to track the phone. Now just take a look for tracking with Find My Phone Samsung using Google Find My Device.

Samsung Mobile Find through Google Find my Device

This was the app used by wide variety of android users to track their lost phone as it accessed by Google. Just follow these simple steps to do this.

  1. Go to Google play store and install the Find My Device app
  2. Open the app and login with your Gmail Id which was using in your lost phone
  3. Click on Continue as @name and enter the google password
  4. You will get the location, battery and network status of your Samsung phone here.

Here you will also get extra three features to locate and secure your your phone. They are :

  • Play sound
  • Secure Device
  • Erase Device

Play Sound

You can ring your phone at higher volume to locate it’s accurate location. If your phone is in mute or vibrate mode also, the phone sounds in higher volume.

Secure Device

Through this feature, you can lock your phone. No one can able to unlock it and unable to power off your Samsung phone. By this feature, you will show a message on the screen of the Lost phone and provides a mobile number to contact you if your phone is in someone’s hand.

Erase Device

If you think that your phone is stolen and you want to make your data safe. Then you make use of this feature erase data. By clicking on it, asked to login with your google account. Login to the account and select the data you want to delete and click on Erase.

Can I track my phone if it is switched off ?

No, it is not possible to track the live location of your lost phone if it is switched off. But you can able to track the last location of it when it is on. Because after switching off signals are not transmitted from phone to servers or cell towers. Then it is difficult to track live location.

Is it possible to track phone with IMEI number ?

Yes, it is possible to track your lost phone using IMEI number. There are some apps which uses IMEI number to track the phone. Mainly police departments use this method of finding.

Can I track my lost phone if SIM card is removed ?

Yes, you can easily track your lost phone if it not contains any SIM card. But make sure that it was connected to any WiFi network.

Is it possible to locate my Samsung phone with iPhone ?

It is possible to locate your Samsung phone with iPhone. You just need to open your browser on iPhone and login with the Find My Mobile service. By using that feature you can locate and secure your lost Samsung phone.

Can I locate my phone if it’s location is turned off ?

Yes you can track your lost phone whether it’s location is turned off. There are some apps which supports finding even the location is off. Incase you lost your iPhone, Find My iPhone feature uses Bluetooth to track the phone.