EMI Calculator to Calculate Loan Interest and Installment

Calculate your loan interest and monthly installment on the new EMI calculator and get accurate results online as per your applicable rate of interest to decide to opt for an affordable loan… In present-day life, the banking sector plays a major role, as they provide support to every individual during their nearby times, and every

What is PFMS – How to Register and Login for PFMS

Find what is PFMS, how to register and login to Public Financial Management System of India website at pfms.nic.in. Also check the states covered under PFMS to promote good governance… Public Financial Management System is an online software develop by the Controller General of Accounts, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The

NSE Holidays for Calender Year 2022 Trading and Clearing

Here is the list of NSE Holidays 2022, check the detailed list of stock market holidays presented as NSE trading and for clearing in each table and find the type of holidays experienced in NSE and BSE share market… NSE Holidays National Stock Exchange has got some specific timing, during which the trading will be

What is Disinvestment & Types of Disinvestment with Example

Exact disinvestment meaning presented, Find What is disinvestment types and the example with primary objective focused for capital expenditure… What is Disinvestment An action of selling or liquidating of a subsidiary or an asset by a Government entity or organization referred as Disinvestment. This also to as to facilitate the resource within the organization or

Financial Management Objectives, Scope & Modern Approach

What is Financial Management Financial Management is an activity inside an organization which is a process of controlling, organizing, planning, monitoring the financial resource. The Financial Management does plan its working process in all criteria to attain organizational growth by reaching objectives and goals. This allows better maintaining the financial activities of organizations which procure

Cooperative Banks in India – Operational Banking List

Cooperative Banks in India are financial entities which are under the belonging of its own members who are at the same time the owner and customers which has been registered under the state cooperative societies Act. Also these Cooperative Banks are regulated by Reserve Bank of India and were governed by banking regulation Act 1949,