Apply Corona (COVID-19) E Pass Online for Employee or Citizen

Get COVID-19 E Pass with new online application, Submit your details with your registered mobile number to get approve for Corona Lockdown E Pass and attend for your emergency duties if your an employee, Find your state web portal and apply for epass online to go out for an emergency health care issues or other…

Apply Kerala E Pass for COVID -19 Lockdown Movement

Kerala State Government has bought an official website link for individual and vehicle movement to issue e Pass in case of emergency in this crucial Corona Lockdown period, and the e-curfew pass provided by the government of Kerala will be accepted by Police officials and will make your movement free without stopping. It is requested

AP Covid-19 Emergency Pass Online for Movement

State Government of Andhra Pradesh brings AP Covid-19 Emergency Pass for all citizens of the state, and this Epass needs to be available for emergency and for most valid situations only, and as per guidance one who is serving Law & Order Magisterial duties, Emergency Vehicles, Health Worker, Bank, Media, Medical Service or any Death

How to Get Telangana COVID-19 Pass for Movement

Novel CoronaVirus has locked everyone inside their houses, so how to get Covid-19 Pass in Telangana state for movement which has become a crucial time for everyone’s safety, where Government of India along with the State Government of Telangana has made their rules clear to lock everyone in their surroundings. The only time Telangana Government