Wage Relief for Worker, What it is & How Supports by Government

Find about what is wage relief and when it is applicable to employee or worker of Govt or private. Check how wage relief supported by Government with a scheme… The recent pandemic situation has brought various changes in the economy, which majorly affected the employment sector. There have been thousands of individuals who have lost

Meghalaya DA Rates for Employee & DR for Pensioner

Do check upto date Meghalaya DA rates for working employee and DR for retired pensioner / family pensioner as per the mentioned table…

Finance ministry of Meghalaya State government made an announcement for the hike of Dearness Allowance for their employees and pensioners. The order has been issued and these will be in effect for till date.

The honorable chief minister of Meghalaya State has declared these orders after the successful cabinet meeting. The budget has been agreed and the excess amount in respect to Dearness Allowance as per AICPIN of employee and pensioner has been increased to the state budget.

Meghalaya Employee DA Rates

5th MPC DA Payable from Increased DA %Tota DA%
01.07.2021 (01.01.2020, 01.07.2020, 01.01.2021)1022

Meghalaya Pensioner DR Rates

Pensioner DA Payable from Increased DA %Tota DA%
01.01.2020 to 30.06.2021 FreezedFreeze

Meghalaya employees do get their increment in Gross salary as per the decision of Dearness Allowance announced by the respective state Government. The effective date for increment of Dearness Allowance of all state government permanent employees and pensioners will be credited with their monthly salary.

AICPIN (All India Consumer Price Index Number) for March 2022

Find current month AICPIN March 2022 for All India Consumer Price Index Number, Check AICPIN table for CPI numbers of any month for industrial workers and calculate new IDA rates as per the formula… AICPIN This is the statistical number factor that helps in determining many things in the economic sector, All India Consumer Price

Manipur DA / DR Rates for Employee and Pensioner

List of Manipur DA / DR Rates presented as per the recent announcement. Check the % in Dearness Allowance / Relief with new effective date applicable to employee and pensioner…

Manipur State Chief Secretary has recently issued the order of Dearness Allowance which is payable to the state government employees and respective pensioner. The Manipur Dearness Allowance of state will be increased to 28% from December 2022, which may apply to both state Government employees and retired pensioners.

The increase in Dearness Allowance as per the increased AICPIN, which will bring a hold to the long struggle of the employees who were requesting to increase the DA which is an official process by the state government every year.

The following is the payable Dearness Allowance (DA) for employee and Dearness Relief (DR) for Pensioner / FP under State Government of Manipur. The below rates may calculate on basic pay of the employee.

Manipur Employee DA Rates

DA Payable fromIncreased DA %Total DA%
01.04.2022 3.517.5

Since 2020, due to a pandemic situation, the Dearness Allowance increase was not announced and this year the announcement made it clear that DA of government employees will be increased. For more information, please check the source manipur.gov.in/finance/. The increase in values of Dearness Allowance applied from the effective date mentioned, and the whole calculated amount may paid to eligible employees and pensioners.

How to find Jamabandi Nakal

What is Jambandi Nakal

Jamabandi Nakal is a document which prepared as a piece of Record of Right by their revenue official. This document does consist of details and enters of ownership, type of land, cultivation and other various updates on land.

Haryana state government brings the exclusive Jamabandi Portal for their citizens. This bring various details of land over online and make it easier fetch. All details such as Encumbrance certificate, Nakal and other important documents may fetched from Jamabandi Portal.

The records in Jamabandi Haryana online updates regularly by revenue official. So that the citizens of Haryana state do get update information when they fetch details online.

The Web-Halris Haryana is the official Jamabandi Portal. This consist of Record of Rights of all properties and land from the state. In the option, the Nakal may fetched from the official website directly. You can use by using the Survey Number details, Date of Mutation, Owner name or through Khewat details.

Find Jamabandi Nakal

  1. In the home, click on Jamabandi Nakal to visit the Nakal details page https://jamabandi.nic.in/land%20records/NakalRecord
  2. Here select the option to search with Owner Name or by Khewat
  3. Else you can also search by Survey Number or Date of Mutation
  4. Select District from Drop down and then Tehsil or Sub-Tehsil
  5. Next select the Village and the Jamabandi Year from dropdown
  6. For mutation you have to enter the mutation Date as per document
  7. Once filled, click on search to fetch the records from Jamabandi database
  1. Does Jamabandi Nakal form Web-HALRIS Haryana updated regularly?

    The revenue official of Haryana state does update the changes in record of right of a land in Jamabandi portal. Certain time period through which the records updated regularly by official.

  2. Can I get information on the type of landform Nakal?

    The Nakal consists of details of land with the components such as Owners name, type of land, cultivation type, area of land, survey number, Mutation date and more similar important components.

  3. Is online Nakal enough for record proof?

    Yes, the Jamabandi Nakal download from the official website of Haryana. This may stand as good proof of record of right for any reference. This is an official website which consists of data directly from the revenue and registration office of the state.

BCCL Payslip | Download BCCL Pay Slip for Salary Details

Download or Print BCCL payslip in online on login to employee HRMS portal bcclweb.in and check the current month (May 2022) new salary details… Bharat Coking Coal Limited, A MiniRatna company which is a subsidiary of Coal India Limited, and a reputed organization of the Indian Government that provides many online services to its employees.