Gratuity Calculator as per New Gratuity Calculation Formula

Basic Gratuity Calculator as per the new Gratuity calculation formula updated in this page, Just select your service and get the gratuity amount instantly online… If you are an employee working for an organization of private or public then you should be aware of Gratuity. In simple terms, any employee who worked more than 5

BSNL Holidays List 2023 – Find Closed / Restricted Holidays

Find the list of BSNL Holidays List 2023. Just check the new list or download pdf file for the list of closed holidays applicable for employee and customers. Also, check the restricted holidays (RH) to avail by employee… Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is one of India’s largest telecommunication company owns by Indian Government. As BSNL

SAS Gujarat 2023 Administrative Login for DPE COS SSA

SAS Gujarat is School Administrative System of Gujarat, which is an initiative by the Education Department of Gujarat Government in order to enlist all the Schools across the state on this online portal and manage their administration tasks through a mode online. In this portal, every district and region divides by the number of schools

Ford Paystub in Online and Password Reset for Pay Stub Login

In this article, we will show you how you can access your Ford Paystub account which is purely applicable for the Ford employee. Ford is a worldwide manufacturer and provider of Automobiles and they have customers all around the world. They also have employees across states, countries and more to help streamline the business and

What is Net Salary and Salary Calculator to Calculate Gross and Net Salary

Today we are discussing Net Salary which is the in hand salary that you receive every month into your bank account after all the reductions and cuttings that include allowances, taxes, and more. Net Salary Working in a company can be a handy thing and a great way to work up your career but the

UK Work Visa, How to Get Work Permit Visa for United Kingdom

Here is the detailed guide about UK Work Visa, and the different types of Visas allowed for an employee work permit in United Kingdom, and also check the time limit to process the VISA… The United Kingdom has got lighter rules than other countries in terms of issuing visas, and there is a score of

Paystub for Employee and Different Pay Stub Generator

What is a Paystub The Paystub is a simple document which provides the breakdown of an employee’s earnings with Gross Income and Net Income after deductions for a specific pay period. In a few countries, the portal through which employee can find their salary payment details is called Paystub which is common across the countries

Costco ESS for Costco Employee Benefits on Go

The Costco ESS (Employee Self-Service) is an online portal that allows Costco employee to access and manage their personal and employment information from anywhere at any time. Employees can easily and safely access their pay stubs, work schedules, benefit details, and other employment-related records through ESS. A Costco employee can use their employee self-service portal

MySSB for SSB Employee to Manage Service Details on Mobile

As the soldier are aligned at long distance from the Administrative office and thus, they need to struggle to get Pay Slip offline, and thus, SSB web portal brings you a link to generate SSB Payslip month wise with login credentials, so to get access to this portal, soldiers need to get their Login credentials

Appraisal Meaning, Employee Performance Appraisal Process

Appraisal is a performance review process for employees to assess their goals and achievements. Employee will receive feedback, improvement plan, annual salary hikes, compensations, Increments based on performance rating as part of appraisal process.. What is Performance Appraisal People Management is a critical aspect for any successful organization and performance appraisal is a crucial process.