BSNL ERP Portal Registration to Access BSNL SAP ESS Services

Can employee of BSNL register himself to ERP portal in online or not, How to get username, Can we change the login user id after registration of BSNL SAP ESS portal if required, Whether the retired employees will continue to use the SAP ESS portal, what are the possible conditions to recover password…

BSNL ERP is an official portal that has been provided to employees working in the organization of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited to access their employment features, and this online portal has been under the control of the BSNL Corporate headquarters which allows the employees to access their Pension information, Medical claims, Loans, Tax deduction and PF related stuff.

There are multiple options which BSNL employee can access using their registration details, and SSA department nodal officer will hold entire details of an employee which will be loaded to BSNL ERP portal, and any changes in personal information or access part can only be changed by visiting the SSA BSNL ERP incharge.

BSNL ERP SAP ESS Online Portal Facilities

Employee who has access to the BSNL ERP login portal, then can access the below listed list of features, and all this information loaded will be respective to employee personal details and employment type.

  • Download or View BSNL Salary Statement
  • Salary Summary
  • GPF ledger Report
  • EPF details
  • Pension information
  • Employee Personal Details
  • Employee working hours track details
  • Benefits list by Employer

BSNL ERP Portal Registration

To access the online portal of BSNL ERP, employees first need to get their login credentials registered, and only verified employees who have their details loaded in BSNL ERP portal, can only access the features, and beside login of account, there is an online facility provided by BSNL ERP to get employees to reset their accounts.

To avail the features of BSNL ERP Portal and to access facilities provided by the department of BSNL to their employees, irrespective of employee profile, the registration is mandatory which allot a username and login password like below

  • Immediately after recruitment, every employee may allot with a new HRMS number, which becomes as user id for ERP or SAP ESS portal
  • SSA ERP Nodal officer will allot the HRMS number starts with recruitment year
  • After creation of HRMS number, the officer will create allow the employee to access the ERP ESS portal by ignoring the first digit in HRMS number as user id with default password

This has been a common case for every employee, who has got their BSNL ERP login password forgotten or login account locked, and In any case, the login page will not allow anyone to access until they get their credentials unlocked, and In this article we will come across to unlock the BSNL ERP login password and to reset the account.

  1. How to Login for BSNL ERP Portal?

    Employees who are willing to access the BSNL ERP portal online facilities, can use their HR number generated during the time of employment which acts as user ID for BSNL ERP login portal.

  2. Whether the retired employees will continue to use the SAP ESS Portal Services

    The last day of working in service during the employment is the last user login allowed to access SAP ESS portal, and the user may not be allowed to access BSNL ERP services due to superannuation or any type of retirement.

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