Himachal Pradesh Bank Holidays 2021 as per NI Act

The Governor, Himachal Pradesh is pleased to order that the bank holidays as listed as below and will be observed as Gazetted Holidays during the calendar year 2021, in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh Bank holidays listed as below are also declared as gazetted holidays within the meaning of section 25 of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.

HP Bank Holidays

Name of the Bank Holiday Date Week Saka
Statehood Day 25th January, 2021Monday Magha 05
Republic Day 26th January, 2021 TuesdayMagha 06
Guru Ravidas’ S Birthday 27th February, 2021 SaturdayPhalguna 08
Maha Shivarathri 11th March, 2021 ThursdayPhalguna 20
Holi 29th March, 2021MondayChaithra 08
Ram Navami 21st April, 2021 WednesdayVaisakha 01
Good Friday 02nd April, 2021Friday Chaitra 12
Dr B.R. Ambedkar’s Birthday 14th April, 2021 Wednesday Chaitra 24
Himachal Day 15th April, 2021 Thursday Chaitra 25
Bhagavan shree parshuram jayanthi & Id-ul-Fitr14th may, 2021FridayVaisakha 24
Budha Purnima 26th May, 2021 Wednesday Jayeshtha 05
Idu’l Fitr Maharana Pratap Jayanthi 25th May, 2020 Monday Jyaishta 04
Maharana pratap jayathi13th june, 2021sundayJayestha 23
Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti (Prakato Diwas) 24th June, 2021 ThursdayAshadha 03
Idu’l Zuha (Bakrid) 21st July, 2021WednesdayAshadha 30
Janmashtami 30th August, 2021 MondayBhadra 08
Independence Day 15th August, 2021SundaySravana 24
Muharram 19th August, 2021Thursdaysravana 28
Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday 02nd October, 2021SaturdayAsvina 10
Dusshera 15th October, 2021 FridayAsvina 23
Maharshi Valmiki’S Birthday 20th October, 2021 Wednesday Asvina 28
Diwali 04th November, 2021Thursday Kartika 13
Guru Nanak’ s Birthday 19th November, 2021Friday Kartika 28
Christmas Day 25th December, 2021SaturdayPausha 04

Gazetted holidays for the year 2021 for women employees working in all government Offices/Boards/Corporations/Educational Institutions in H.P. these will also be holidays for women employees under section 25 of negotiable instruments act, 1881 and also to daily waged women employees.

HolidayDateSaka DateDay of week
1943 Saka Era
1.Raksha Bandhan22nd August, 2021sarvana 31Sunday
2.Karva Chauth24th october, 2021kartika 02Sunday
3.Bhai Duj06th November, 2021kartika 15saturday