Mutation of Property Application, Mutation Status & Download

Apply Property Mutation, Find Process check the mutation application status and to download mutation certificate online…

Every land in the state does have some specific services provided by the local municipality. The services such as property tax, house tax, water tax and other services are provided by the local municipality to every property.

Mutation of property is an application procedure that is followed everywhere to update every service provided on land with the new owner information. Every time a registration of land has been processed, it has been made mandatory for the new owner to apply for the Mutation of property or land.

Once a Mutation certificate is issued, the new owner details will be updated in government records and the property information will be updated with the updated registered document. This way, the details of land will be up to date in a database which will help the government and review officials to track the details whenever required.

Mutation of Property Application

There are certain conditions when the mutation of property is must to be done and it is the responsibility of the land owner or their heir to follow the procedure.

  • If Land owner has died, the Death Certificate has to be provided in Sub register office for mutation of land
  • In case of Will, the Death Certificate or succession certificate or legal heir certificate must be provided for mutation
  • In case of new registration, to overwrite the old owner name the registered document has to be provided for mutation.

Documents required to Apply Property Mutation

As per the process of mutation for the purchased land in the Telangana state, the following documents are to be provided to process the mutation of land.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Applicant Name and Gender
  • Applicant Father or Husband Name
  • Property Details as district, Mandal and Village
  • Khata Number of Land
  • Survey Number of Land
  • Document Number and Year
  • SRO office information
  • Pattadar Passbook number
  • Payment Transaction ID

Mutation Fee Payment

To have the mutation application processed, the payment has to pay for the respective municipality or municipal corporation. The mutation fee has to pay at the time of property registration which may minimum amount DD that has to pay to local municipality through Sub Registrar of Registration.

Rate of mutation fee not fixed, as it does depend on the land value and will decide during the registration process. This is a one-time Demand Draft for the local commissioner to convert all services on new owner name.

Mutation of Property Process

In Telangana State the mutation process is online and as well offline which may opted by the convenience of the owner. In future, many states will follow the online process. Here is the process of obtaining the mutation certificate of your land.

  • Submit the Application for mutation during the time of registration to the Register and Stamps department
  • An Demand Draft has to to pay in favor of local municipality for amount said by sub register
  • The registration process will include your mutation process by collecting all land information
  • The details of land must share with the municipal circle for mutation
  • Applicant will receive an SMS with mutation Number once application processed
  • Applicant can use mutation number to track the status of their mutation
  • The revue official will initiate the process as per their rules and procedure
  • Verification of premises before changing the name in records
  • Verification of existing Property Tax and re assessment of land
  • The e-file may sent for deputy commissioner approval by revenue department
  • Deputy commissioner will approve as per the documentation
  • That’s it, The mutation of property successful, once all your concerned taxes paid and the deputy commissioner approved the file.

How to Check Mutation Application Status

The Individual who applied for the mutation of their property can use online process to check application status and know where their application stuck.

  • Go to the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration web portal
  • Tap on Registration & mutation data form the menu options
  • Now view the SRO mutation abstract report loaded on screen
  • Click on District name and wait for the list updated with details
  • Appellant can use number to check the mutation status from list
  • That’s it, The applicant will have a clear view of mutation status along with other details of their application that will timely updat by the government official in these portals.

Mutation Certificate Download

The applicant can download the mutation certificate once their mutation process approved and all the information updated in the official records.

  1. Visit the official website of directory of municipal administration Ex: For Telangana, you may visit
  2. Here click on ULB name form the drop down menu options
  3. Now click on Download mutation certificate and enter your details
  4. Get the certificate download and the applicant eligible to pay the property tax with the new number provided. It is along with using other municipal services with their name.
  1. What if I didn't apply for process Mutation of land?

    If a property has not undergone process of Mutation, then property tax and other bills from municipality / revenue department also not processed. The name of the old owner will only displayed. The records will show that old owner is still in possession and there may no information about the new owner.

  2. Is mutation of land chargeable?

    As per current date, the Mutation charges to municipal and revenue department collected during registration through demand draft. The minimum charges may paid as mandatory to update the existing record with new owner details.

  3. Does the sub register office process the Mutation?

    The Mutation of property done from the local municipality or gram panchayat office. The sub registrar office will only deal with registration of land and by having the registered document. One should move to the municipal office to apply for the Mutation of land. Without the new registration document the Mutation of land not processed.