Apple Watch Nightstand Mode – How to Turn on & Customize

Nightstand mode Apple Watch is a special mode that allows the device to display time, battery charging status, and alarms when it’s charging and in the vertical position on its side.

The main purpose of this Apple watch Nightstand mode is to provide a convenient and functional bedside clock for Apple Watch users. This mode transforms the device into a useful tool for monitoring time and alarms while it is being charged overnight.

Apple Watch Nightstand Mode

  • This Nightstand mode is an important feature for Apple Watch users who rely on the device for timekeeping and alarm management at the time of sleep.
  • This mode allows them to use their Apple Watch as a bedside clock, ensuring they never miss an important appointment or wake-up call.
  • Through Nightstand mode, your apple watch works like a mini alarm clock, showing the time and alarms you had set followed by the charging levels of your watch.
  • To use Nightstand mode, the Apple Watch must be running WatchOS 2 or later and be in the vertical position on its side while being charged.
Apple Watch Night Stand Mode

How to Turn On Apple Watch Nightstand Mode

Apple watch will go to Nightstand mode by default if you place it on charging or if you want to set it for yourself to use it at the time of sleep, just follow the below steps. Place the Apple Watch in the vertical position on its side while it is charging and wait for the device to automatically enter Nightstand mode.

You can enable Nightstand mode in two ways, that is through your Apple Watch and as well as through iPhone.

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Enable Nightstand Mode through Apple Watch

  1. Open Settings on Apple watch
  2. Click on the General option
  3. Scroll down from menu and choose Nightstand mode
  4. Toggle on the nightstand feature to enable it

Enable nightstand mode through Watch app of your iPhone

  1. Open the Watch app in your iPhone
  2. Click on General option from My Watch section
  3. Scroll down and select nightstand mode option from menu
  4. Turn on nightstand mode feature to enable it

**Note : In some Apple watches or old Os versions, the nightstand mode also named as Bedside mode. It is the main tool for Alarm management.

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How to Set up Alarm in Apple Watch

You can set the alarm or nightstand mode alarm in your apple watch through Watch app of your iPhone or as well as through apple watch itself. To set alarm, just follow the simple steps.

Set Alarm through Apple Watch

  1. Go to Alarms app in your Apple Watch
  2. Click on Add Alarm option
  3. Set the alarm time by adjusting with Digital crown
  4. Tap on Set option
  5. Select that alarm and click on repeat option to edit alarm on daily basis.

Set Alarm through Watch App in iPhone

  1. Go to Clock app in your iPhone
  2. Select the alarm time you want and toggle it on
  3. Launch Watch app in your iPhone
  4. Scroll down and select clock option
  5. Enable Push Alerts from iPhone feature to get alarm on your Apple Watch.

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Hints for Apple Watch Nightstand mode

  • Screen brightness of your Apple watch gradually increases as the alarm time getting nearer
  • To snooze the alarm, just press the Digital Crown. It will snooze your alarm for for next 10 minutes
  • To stop the alarm from nightstand mode, just press the side button at the time of alarm ringing
  • The display of time on your Watch’s screen turns yellow at the time of alarm ringing indicates you to that it’s time to wake up.

Customize the Nightstand Mode Apple Watch

Yes, you can customize the nightstand mode and the color of the display or clock screen too which also displays at the time alarm ringing. But by default the color of the content is Green. For doing this, just follow the simple steps given below.

  1. Unlock your Apple Watch and Go to settings
  2. Click on Accessibility option
  3. Scroll down and enable Grayscale feature to change the color of entire content of your apple watch

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Tips for enabling Apple Watch Nightstand mode

  • Make sure the Apple Watch is running WatchOS 2 or later.
  • Ensure that the device is properly connected to a charging source.
  • Try to restart Apple Watch.
  • Nightstand mode allows users to set and manage alarms from their Apple Watch, providing a convenient way to ensure they never miss an important appointment or wake-up call.
  • This mode enhances the overall user experience with the Apple Watch, making it a more useful tool for timekeeping and alarm management.

Limitations of Nightstand mode

Limited functionality compared to other Apple Watch modes

Nightstand mode has limited functionality compared to other modes on the Apple Watch, with a focus on timekeeping and alarm management.

Dependence on charging the Apple Watch

Nightstand mode can only be used when the Apple Watch is charging, making it dependent on the availability of a charging source.

Need for a flat surface to place the Apple Watch

Nightstand mode requires a flat surface to place the Apple Watch in the vertical position, making it less convenient for users who do not have a suitable surface nearby.


In conclusion, the Nightstand mode on the Apple Watch is a highly beneficial and practical aspect for individuals who utilize the device for timekeeping and alarm management. With its ability to transform the device into a functional bedside clock and enhance the overall user experience, the Nightstand mode is highly recommended for all Apple Watch users.

Although there are some limitations, such as its dependence on charging and the requirement for a flat surface, the advantages of using Nightstand mode far outweigh any disadvantages.

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By utilizing the Nightstand mode, individuals can streamline their bedside setup and guarantee that they never miss a significant appointment or wake-up call. Ultimately, the Nightstand mode serves as a testament to the versatility and functionality of the Apple Watch and represents a valuable addition to the device

How to turn off Nightstand mode?

To turn off the Nightstand mode on your apple watch, just go to settings and select general option from menu. Now click on the Nightstand mode option and toggle off the feature to turn it off.

How to make my Apple watch display always on ?

To turn display of your apple watch always on, just go the settings of your apple watch. Click on Display and Brightness option. Then you have to scroll down and select Always on feature.

Can alarms be managed in Nightstand mode?

Yes, alarms can be set and managed in Nightstand mode. Also nightstand mode is a main tool for alarm management and used as Bedside clock for Apple watch users.

Is Nightstand mode available on all Apple Watch models?

Yes, Nightstand mode available on all Apple Watch models with Os version WatchOS 2 or later.

Is Nightstand mode only works if it in charging ?

Nightstand mode only works when your apple watch is connected to charging. If you want to remove it, just press Digital crown or side button.

Does Nightstand mode require a flat surface?

Yes, Nightstand mode requires a flat surface for the vertical charging position.