Link Income Tax PAN and Aadhaar Number on SMS

Income Tax department allowed the Tax Payer to link Aadhaar number with PAN on SMS, just check the syntax and the process of flow to link on SMS… The Regulation of the Income Tax Department has been made clear that every individual having a profile in the Income Tax must have to get their KYC

PAN Aadhaar Link Online on Login to Income Tax India

Complete PAN Aadhaar link online as per the new process in income tax login, Do check why PAN Aadhaar link is mandatory and What to do if the name differs in Aadhaar and PAN Card and not linking through income tax login, also check can we proceed to submit tax returns without Aadhaar?… Aadhaar Card

IOB Account Aadhaar EKYC Link Online with 2 Options

Link Aadhaar Number to IOB Account using 2 options and Check the eKYC status of IOB Aadhaar link whether the account is linked or not… Indian Overseas Bank has asked its customers to link the Aadhaar Card with the bank account from getting locked, and those who have accounts created in the Indian Overseas Bank